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H4B Chelsea Bowl-A-Thon

H4B Chelsea Bowl-A-Thon Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Jul 11, 2013

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jul 11, 2013

H4B Chelsea is the New York hub of the global Health4Brands network, one of the world’s leading healthcare communications companies.

Quite simply, there is no one in the industry who can match the breadth and depth of the creative work being done at H4B Chelsea today. Our fourteen Rx Club Awards from 2011 are one nice acknowledgment of that, but even better they’re a powerful example of how wide, unique, and fearless our thinking for our clients was last year.

We also just won the pretigious Manny Awards for Best Agency of the Year, 2013.

H4B is committed to helping the world around us and our Bowl-A-Thon is a healthy competition where all of our employees can team-build and raise money for the charities of their choice.


Close to H4B's heart is The Santi School Project

Building a better future for children in one of the world’s poorest countries

The Santi School Project is one that will always hold a special place in the hearts of all H4B employees. Founded by Christopher Heun (Copywriter, H4B Chelsea) and inspired by a community of villagers in the mountains of central Nepal, Shree Santi Primary School was built as a symbol of hope and promise for close to a hundred boys and girls in the Tamang village of Ramche.

Since 2008, with the support of the H4B team, the Santi School Project has embraced, and will continue to embrace, children in need of a brighter future.

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