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Habersham Humane Society

Habersham Humane Society
CROWDRISE : May 01, 2013
Tax ID: 58-2413946
BASED: Clarkesville, GA, United States


Pets: Habersham Cty, GA

The mission of the Habersham Humane Society, Inc., (AKA Friends of the Habersham Co Animal Shelter, Inc.) is to advance and promote humane treatment and care of Habersham County’s companion animals through advocacy, education, targeted programs and support of the John B. Gesbocker Animal Shelter of Habersham County.



At the Habersham Humane Society, our spay/neuter programs are at the heart of our mission to better the lives of the animals in Habersham County. HHS has joined with both the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia and Atlanta Humane Society to bring low cost spay/neuter options to pet owners in Habersham County.



Before HHS started its transport program, perfectly adoptable loving dogs and cats at the Habersham County Animal Care and Control Shelter were euthanized at a rate of 80%. Now, with our transport program up and running the euthanasia rate has dropped to below 30% in just one year. Each year HHS transports hundreds of dogs and cats to no kill shelters. 


Foster Program

Fostering is an integral part of running our transport program, as well as reducing overcrowding at our shelter. Many of the no-kill shelters and rescues that we transport animals to require that animals are fostered 2-3 weeks prior to transportation. When chosen for a specific transport the pet will be removed from our shelter and placed in the home of a member of our foster program. 


Trap Neuter Return

Trap Neuter Return is a program that traps feral cats, gets them spayed or neutered, vaccinated for rabies, and returns them back to where they were originally found.


We Are

• A Federal tax exempt charitable corporation concerned with the welfare of Habersham County’s unwanted, stray and impounded animals


• Governed by a volunteer board and administered by a volunteer staff


You can know

• Every dollar donated is carefully spent to help Habershm County’s animals. All the money raised goes straight to caring for the animals; we have no paid staff



• Direct aid to the Habersham County Animal Care and Control Shelter


• Need YOUR help


Tax ID: 58-2413946 •


New Kennels For Habersham Animal Shelter

New Kennels For Habersham An…

Amount Raised:



32% Raised of $6,200 Goal

Community Cat Fund

Community Cat Fund

Amount Raised:



1% Raised of $3,000 Goal

Tires for Transporting Van

Tires for Transporting Van

Amount Raised:



114% Raised of $550 Goal

Habersham Humane Society Our Transports

Habersham Humane Society Our…

Amount Raised:



31% Raised of $2,500 Goal

Save Megan the Dog

Save Megan the Dog

Amount Raised:



22% Raised of $190 Goal

Help the FRUIT Puppies

Help the FRUIT Puppies

Amount Raised:



50% Raised of $300 Goal

ROSE Needs to Get to a No-Kill Shelter!

ROSE Needs to Get to a No-Ki…

Amount Raised:



51% Raised of $235 Goal

Help the STARWARS Pups get to a No-Kill Shelter

Help the STARWARS Pups get t…

Amount Raised:



50% Raised of $200 Goal

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