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Habitat For Humanity Northwest Indiana

A world where everyone has a decent place to live. Tax ID 56-1525939


Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Indiana has been building and selling homes in Lake County Indiana for over 30 years and have served more than 100 families. 

Habitat for Humanity provides a Hand Up and Not a Hand Out by building energy efficient, affordable homes for struggling, working families; many who are living paycheck to paycheck. Many times, we remove families from the high cost of rent and sell them an affordable home, which immediately provides disposable income for the rest of their working life! (Rental payments average $800 vs. Habitat Mortgage, Insurance and Taxes average $500)

No longer will these families have to make those tough decisions each month: Do I buy groceries or do I fix the car? Purchase presents for my children or pay the gas/electric bill? Now, they are able to do both!

Did you know Children of Homeowners:

  • have a 25% higher high school graduation rate.
  • Are twice as likely to acquire post-secondary education
  • Are 116% more likely to graduate from college
  •  50% less likely to be idle at age 20 and rely on welfare
  •  Become Homeowners themselves within 10 years.