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Manchester Habitat for Humanity, Greater

http://www.habitatmanchester.org Tax ID 02-0456805


We enable hard working and responsible families to purchase homes that we build or rehabilitate. We keep the initial costs low in order to keep the down payment and financing affordable. We finance the housing in-house, we carefully follow and help our new homeowners and help them to become the contributing citizens they want to be!

We usually target areas in communities that may have a high concentration of absentee ownership and help to bring stakeholders into those communities. When stakeholders come into communities, communities change because they take ownership of their neighborhood and pride. We enable that first step.

We also have a program known as "A Brush With Kindness" where we help people who may have a home but have a hard time maintaining it through poor resources, low income or other issues. Painting exteriors, repairing porches, building a handicap ramp, all these things make a difference in people's lives.

At the same time we bring communities together, bring people separated by income or culture together to work on a common goal of providing housing or improving housing and improving neighbors, working for community peace, social justice and economic stability!

Please browse this site and learn about the many ways that you can help us with our current project at 50 Hosley Street in Manchester New Hampshire. Its a big project and right now we need donors to help us get materials and be able to defray the cost of professional services. We also are working to get this building Energy Star certified -- making it highly energy efficient which works with our core goal in making our housing comfortable and affordable and easy to maintain over the long run.

Hope you can help us help others and make change in the community!