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EVENT: Rally Rumble Teenage Music Festival

EVENT DATE: Apr 19, 2014

Hadlie Comer


On April 19, 2014, I will be co-hosting the third annual Rally Rumble teenage music festival in Nashville, TN! We are so excited to be a part of teens joining together through music to beat childhood cancer.

I am participating in Rally Rumble because I believe helping others is one of the best things a person can do. Rally Rumble is a great cause that I am so excited and so happy to be apart of. I love helping people and I thought that joining Rally Rumble would be a great way to do so.

I am honoring a little boy named Hagan who is pictured to the left. Hagan is a two year old little boy who is battling a brain tumor. Hagan doesn't let that stop him though, he loves wearing hats, playing with his cousins, and shooting hoops. He even has a hat collection and is known around town for his hats! I would like to thank you for helping support not only Hagan, but all of the other Rally Kids as well by donating money for the research of Childhood Cancer.

Please consider coming to Rally Rumble and/or donating to help save kids with cancer. Cancer is the leading disease cause of death for children in America, yet childhood cancer research receives only 4% of total funding for cancer research. All donations and Rally Rumble ticket sales will benefit the Rally Foundation, which raises awareness and funds for childhood cancer research projects all over the country. You can be assured that Rally will spend your gifts well; for every dollar donated, 92.4 cents goes toward raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer. For more information about Rally and the sweet children we are honoring, check out Rally Foundation!

Thank you for supporting me in this wonderful event. Every little bit helps, and could very well make the difference we need to #EndChildhoodCancer!


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Kim Haire


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The Comers and friends


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