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HAIR 2 HELP is a nonprofit organization seeking tax-deductible donations to provide free holistic healing, wellness and beauty services to cancer patients and their caregivers. Tax ID 45-2594253


James Corbett-- a beauty expert, celebrity colorist, and owner of James Corbett Studio-- started Hair2Help in October 2010 when he realized there was a need to help women affected by cancer.  His spa days for cancer patients and their caregivers invite women who are suffering in to be pampered, beautified, and receive alternative treatments if they so choose.


“A day in the spa that uses all organic, non-toxic treatments and is tailored to their needs and wishes can help them regain their dignity and self-esteem,” he says.  “Maybe lip gloss and nail polish won’t save the world, but if it makes a woman feel beautiful and takes her mind off the hardships she’s enduring – that‘s a beautiful thing.” 


Many women say the spa day has completely changed their outlook.  One who struggled with treatment for stage 3 ovarian cancer and deep depression smiles when she recalls how good she felt:


“There was a reflexologist who addressed my body in a way that I can hardly describe.  It wasn’t just physical--she gave me a feeling of inner lightness I’ve never had before,” she said. Five different spa therapists worked with the woman.  “I really couldn’t believe how much attention they paid to me.  I don’t know where I would be without this kind of compassion.”


At each full-day event, guests are treated from head to toe, receiving a full body massage, reflexology, haircut/color and/or wig styling, acupuncture, manicure and pedicure.  In addition to these hands-on services, leading experts in natural approaches to wellness, nutrition, and mind-body awareness provide one-on-one counseling and guidance to clients on the day of the event as well as in the days and weeks that follow.  Recent studies have shown that reflexology helped ease some side effects from chemotherapy and hormonal therapy treatments in women being treated for cancer.  Those treated had much less shortness of breath and more ease performing daily physical activities [PubMed].


Hair2Help has helped ___ people since ____ and is only getting started.  In 2013 alone, James and his staff donated over $25,000 worth of beauty services.  Currently, monetary donations are directed towards the salon products used, which, aside from donating their time, H2H stylists mainly pay out-of-pocket.  Corbett plans to expand his Hair2Help program nationwide, partnering with salons and spas in cities across the country; donations will be used towards hiring a full-time Program Director to make this dream a reality.  


A few sentiments from our Hair2Help clients...


"Thank you so much for the kindness you showed me and the other ladies...this was the first time I let go and relaxed in many many months."



"Thank you all for helping me believe that I can be beautiful in spite of my disease.  My visits to this loving and peaceful place mean more than I can say!"



“I finally feel beautiful again and can look at myself in the mirror and like what I see again thanks to James”



"After so many needles put in my body to survive the cancer care, it is 
really nice to be treated special and with what feels like super high quality love 
and care"



Hair2Help is a registered 501(c)(3) Non Profit and is ready to accept all tax-deductible gifts and donations.  For more information about Hair2Help, or to get involved, please or call 212.388.1296.




we have helped ___ people since ____ and we are only getting started.  UP until this point the practitioners and products have been donated but if we are to help more popele we need funding.  Research studies into the benefit of holistic practices.  Program director to help grow the program nationwide.

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