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‘encouraging creativity, promoting gender equality, creating economic opportunity, nurturing spirituality and growing healthy communities’ Tax ID 20-8889095


•      NEW for 2014 - 2015: opening of maternity clinic, cyber cafe, ESL / computer courses for academic preparedness for future community college courses.

Haitian Artisans for Peace International (HAPI) is a community development nonprofit which exists to EMPOWER persons with new tools and new capabilities so that they can be more complete human beings who can develop creative solutions to their own problems and who can raise their families and communities to live to their potential in a 'Community of Shalom.'
•      HAPI focuses on four main areas of impact: Health, Asset Based Community Development, Prosperity (economic development), and Investment (People, Structures, Systems)
•      Significant activities of HAPI include: artisan fair trade; microbusiness loans; basic health services, maternal care; children’s activities in art, 4H, marching band and dance; and increasing individual and organizational capacity through technology, project management, training and plans for higher education.