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Haitian Families First

Haitian Families First
CROWDRISE : Jun 18, 2010
Tax ID: 27-1802234
BASED: Pittsburgh, PA, United States



Haitian Families First nurtures and empowers families in despair through emotional, social, and financial support, ensuring children remain with their biological families and out of unnecessary institutions.

Across Haiti, approximately 30,000 children and teens are living in large privatized residential institutions, known as “orphanages” which are unable to meet their needs. Outcomes for children in these institutions are deplorable. Young people raised in institutions are at significant risk of being sexually exploited or trafficked, being unemployed, being homeless, committing crimes, and committing suicide. Over 80% of these children and teens have at least one living and capable parent, but are institutionalized out of financial and/or emotional despair.

Tax ID: 27-1802234 •


Haitian Families First

Haitian Families First

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