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Haiti Engineering's mission is to bring together a group of professionals to help restore the infrastructure throughout the island nation of Haiti. HE provides immediate humanitarian assistance through engineering services and collaborates with current and future Haitian engineers to build and sustain Haiti’s vital infrastructure. Working with partners in Haiti and around the world, HE instills in the Haitian people that they are the most important resource on the island, the "Human Capital.”


Through the efforts of Haiti Engineering and other concerned professionals, Haiti will be transformed into a modern nation with a functioning, sustainable infrastructure that serves the Haitian people. HE will be a leader in collaboration with Haitian engineers and technology transfer in the reconstruction of Haiti.


Haiti Engineering’s five-year master plan is to help reconstruct the infrastructure of the island nation of Haiti and to create the capacity for the Haitian people to sustain their infrastructure in the future. The following are HE’s Strategic Goals:

• Make short-term, noticeable improvements in Haitian infrastructure
• Teach Haitians relevant engineering skills based on lessons learned in similar situations
• Partner with local and national Haitian governmental institutions to encourage investment in infrastructure and develop standards
• Partner with local, national, and international groups helping to rebuild Haiti’s infrastructure
• Create a structure to duplicate success in future crises

Through the achievement of these goals, HE hopes to also increase educational opportunities in Haiti and provide jobs in Haiti and the United States.