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CROWDRISE : Jun 01, 2010
Tax ID: 65-0284655
BASED: Coral Gables, FL, United States




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Operation Green Leaves is a non-profit 501 ( c ) 3 tax-exempt environmental organization whose mission is environmental education, ecological restoration and the reforestation of  the Island Nation of Haiti. Operation Green Leaves has been providing its environmental programs & has implemented its environmental projects both in South Florida and Haiti for more than 21 years. In the 20 plus years, we have more than 22 grassroots partner organizations in Haiti. Our main project this year is to build an Environmental Center & Volunteer Village in Arcahaie, Haiti. We own the land, Our partner Architect for Humanity, Miami Chapter has designed and prepared the plan for the center. See details at

All we need now to make it a reality is  your support to raise the necessary funds to build it. Our center will include a seed bank, a nursery, provide workshops and seminars on all urgent environmental issues. Our center will be available to all. 

Addressing the environmental issues in Haiti is a key element in the sustainable reconstruction of Haiti. Our motto for our Haiti projects is "Help Haitian Help themselves".  We provide the tools necessary for our grassroots partners to rise themselves out of poverty.

To give you an idea of the urgency let me share this fact with you. As early as 1924 60% of Haiti was forested, today there is lest than 1.5% of forest cover in Haiti.   Help us stop the vicious cycle of deforestation, erosion, poverty & misery.  Because of Haiti's deforested mountains, any storm or hurricaine causes deadly flash floods taking everyting in its path included the fertile top soil, which ends up in our caribbean sea, chocking the marine life, afecting the livelyhood of the fisherman, affecting our coral reefs. Growing food  becomes that much more difficult with the fertile top soil gone. 

 We are committed & dedicated, however we need your financial support to reach our goal and continue on our urgent journey. WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU.

Tax ID: 65-0284655 •


Trees for Haiti

Trees for Haiti

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2% Raised of $25,000 Goal

Trees for Haiti

Trees for Haiti

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