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CROWDRISE : Jun 26, 2010
Tax ID: 14-1970450
BASED: Pittsburgh, PA, United States



Our Mission

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Haiti H2O works with rural Haitian communities, cultivating hope and opportunities.

Here is the story of one of these communities.

Baissin Caiman is a community of 7,000 people tucked away between the hills and the Caribbean Sea in western Haiti. Like most of Haiti, the landscape is harsh. Most of the people are charcoal farmers. They cut down the trees to make charcoal, which is sold in markets. Because of infrequent rains, gardens are few.

Through partnerships with the Baissin Caiman Church and many partner churches in the United States, much has happened. There is now a school where 150 children attend, a pump for fresh water, an outhouse, a kitchen, a meeting room and a bread oven. The bread oven provides many women with an opportunity to make a living.  We are currently working bring sanatation to the area through Composting UD Outhouses (Toilets).

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Tax ID: 14-1970450 •


Haiti H2O Pittsburgh 2018

Haiti H2O Pittsburgh 2018

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