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Haleys Helping Hands Of Maryland Inc

Haley's Helping Hands of Maryland, Inc. works with individuals in need of assistance by providing gently used clothing, shoes and sports equipment. All items are shipped to families at no cost. We also work directly with shelters and other organizations in our area to provide needed support. Tax ID 81-1642962


I started Haley’s Helping Hands of Maryland, Inc. when I was eleven years old because I believe in the importance of helping those in need. The primary focus of Haley’s Helping Hands is to provide gently used clothing, shoes, and sports equipment to those in need whether homeless, living in a shelter or living on their own but in need of support.  In the winter months, my goal is to include a coat, hat, gloves and scarf for every individual to whom I ship.   I also work with shelters in Maryland to provide support as needed.  

Individuals and families in need can access support through this website by submitting a contact form (click on "contact" tab above)  listing the items they need. Once the request is received, I gather as many of the requested items as possible based on my current inventory, which I maintain through in-kind donations.  All items are shipped at absolutely no charge to the families.  Through various fundraising efforts, I raise money to cover all shipping costs.  My goal is to fill each request within two weeks, and all items go out freshly laundered.

I am also working to expand my support for children to include scholarships that will allow them to join local sports teams such as soccer, baseball and lacrosse, or activities such as taekwondo. I believe that by providing these scholarships, I can help the children feel more confident about themselves, which will hopefully lead to better experiences in life!  When children feel confident, they are happier, have an easier time learning, and are better able to demonstrate their skills!  Haley's Helping Hands recently sponsored two children (ages 3 and 11) to play community soccer, as well as three children living in a shelter to participate in gymnastics.  

Finally, as I continue to grow my organization, I am learning more and more about what people truly need to support their children and families, such as school supplies and undergarments, both of which can be quite expensive.  My goal is to purchase these items new thanks to your generous donations.  

Thank you,
Haley Havard (age 14)

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