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$55 Fosters InnerCity Arts Program




I'm the "paint-on-paper" posterchild of AGAP, the Anacostia Gracious Arts Program.

I'm the realization of one of our many impressively talented kids who blossom under the tutelage of our equally-impressive teachers. I look good, don't I? Well, just imagine that you can help create more like me; and see my siblings in the areas of singing; drumming; dance; drama, and photography.

AGAP is a program that's 12 years old (a little bit younger than my painter) and it works to use the arts to show positive self-expression; self-discovery; friendship-building; goal-setting; personal growth, tension-diffusing, and community-uplifting in the area of DC where I live. Sometimes, life's hard for us: but it can be good, too. AGAP helps us celebrate the good times and shows us how to make good choices that help in the not-so-good times with teaching, support, mentoring, and love. Bein' easy is easier when you have the tools and talent to make it happen.  

And if this can be produced in one inner-city community, imagine what we can produce when we branch out and show our beautiful creations to the whole city, at large.  Your support in our lives and in this program will be a big part of making that happen, so, in a way; you'll be a part of our lives--an important part of us, as kids, and as budding artists. 

Ok..., here's exactly HOW it happens: $55 per kid/per week pays for the teachers and materials that produced ME and my above-mentioned brothers and sisters.

Sixteen weeks is what we're shooting for (the calendar fluctuates, as we follow a modified DCPS school calendar year), starting this November. $22,000? Do the math, and you'll see that this covers 25 kids who come to take art classes (and get a free dinner, mentoring, and homework help, too--but that's another story) in a safe and nurturing environment.

Hey, our teachers even drive us home and buy us bus tokens sometimes. And they take us to shows, and plays; amusement parks and galleries; Christmas shopping last year; museums in Boston and RI; camps, and sports events, swimming and boating; barbeques and Broadway shows, and lots of other great stuff that shows how committed they are to us and our lives. 

So..., you ready to join in? Sponsoring one student for 16 weeks is $880. Sponsoring one student for 8 weeks is $440. Keep going: pick one of us for 4 weeks, and that's just $220. Choose to sponsor one artistic kid for 2 weeks, and that will cost only $110. And, providing for one wonderful student for one week's sponsorship is just $55. Not a bad return on investment, at all. 

And, at the end of every semester (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter), we exhibit what we've done and what we've learned with our teachers, friends, and the community. You are truly welcome to come and see what your support has meant to us and what it's enabled us to learn and produceSee our site at 411 on who we are and what we do. You can sign up for our Ezine, too. We're waiting and looking forward to your help. 

Thanks, and Bless!




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