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Craig running NYC Half-Marathon for Invisible Children

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BENEFITING: Invisible Children

EVENT: NYC Half 2012

Craig Clemens



This Sunday I will be running the NYC Half-Marathon in support of Invisible Children and to  fuel the fight against the World's #1 War Criminal Joseph Kony. Please watch the video to the left if you haven't ready and let's join together to nail this modern-day Hitler before he can murder anymore kids.

I haven't been training for this and I've never run more than 4 miles so it should be quite a challenge. It's also supposed to rain! 

If you would buy me a beer at the end of this adventure I'd appreciate it if you would instead support me with a donation. Beers in NYC are 14 dollars so I'm asking everyone to donate 14 bucks! If you would normally try to get me drunk after an adventure like this then please donate 2 beers - $28! And if you want to donate enough to get a red bull vodka in NYC ($26 bucks)... or a red bull vodka in St. Tropez (50 euros) or a methusula of Dom P Rose (if you have to ask... you know the rest...) then you my friend are TRULY amazing and appreciated!

Any and all donations count with 100% going to the Invisible Children.... so let's do this! Please hit the "Donate" button and let's join together in the fight. This is YOUR chance to make a difference... when Kony goes down you will look back on this donation and know that YOU were a part of it!

Click the donation link and Iet's make this happen together! It will only take a minute and you can spend the rest of your day knowing you did something AWESOME for the world. I - and the Invisible Children everywhere - REALLY appreciate your support!





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