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CROWDRISE : Jun 21, 2010
Tax ID: 65-1278743
BASED: Mesquite, TX, United States



Our Mission

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Halteman's Haven is a non-profit rescue organization, created by Keli Halteman,  dedicated to cats in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We are an all volunteer staff who collaborated to raise awareness of homeless cats and kittens. We place great emphasis on the significance of Spay & Neuter and the importance of responsible pet ownership.
Halteman's Haven takes in the sick and injured animals that would normally be put down. Shelters call us first if an animal arrives in the shelter that has MEDICAL issues.
We also take in the geriatric animals..mostly those discarded by their owners when they are "no longer wanted" We take in the ones who have "no hope" of rescue!!!!
Although we specialize in cats and kittens, we also help care for dogs that have urgent needs or have been abandoned.

Tax ID: 65-1278743 •


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