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BENEFITING: American Red Cross

Hand Up For New Jersey


In New Jersey; Sandy blasted the barrier islands along the coast, wrecking homes and businesses, destroying beaches and boardwalks, killing residents, and leaving millions without power . The storm's fiercest wrath also extended to contiguous New York, where transportation came to a standstill, and to Pennsylvania. Small craft advisories and flood warnings remained in effect through Wednesday October 31st.

Countless people have lost everything! Homes were ripped from their foundations and swept out to sea. Entire towns along the coast have been drastically reshaped due to Sandys flooding. Falling trees completely obliterated cars. Power outages in the millions. While starting down the path of cleanup and rebuild, a new challenge is facing an already devastated area. There is the another coastal storm. The power companies are working as fast as they can to restore power to those still without, but there is only so much that can be done amidst all the destruction. Now, with the potential of this new storm combined with the already cold weather being experienced and lack of power to provide heat to thousands... Things are definitely looking rocky for this state.

They need help. And we need your help to help them. Even the most basic of materials that we take for granted everyday. Things like hair brushes, toothbrush and toothpaste, other toiletries, diapers, warm clothes, etc... All of it and more is going to be needed. We are trying to gather whatever items we can through donation. Collecting money through bake sales. We have a few companies that are starting to get on board with helping us to achieve this. But we still need help from the community. Lets prove it. When people say that the United States in the greatest country there is. Let's prove that. Let's help others who have helped us in our time of need. Now is the time to give them a hand up.

Help get them back on their feet. While millions of households throughout the country are planning their holiday festivities and Christmas shopping, these people are simply hoping to sleep somewhere warm and safe. To have a hot meal and shower. To be able to brush their hair. They aren't concerned with what awesome new toys are out to get their children for Christmas. Because the fact of the matter is- Many of them are just trying to ensure that they will be able to keep their families together and alive through the coming months.



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