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Hanover Horse Hub - Helping Humans & Horses Create a Brighter Future

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HHH wants to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, to America's current societal situation. Initially, HHH main purposes are: 1) to provide a safe haven for abused and/or neglected horses (and possibly untrained BLM mustangs), and 2) to provide quality opportunities for people to complete their mandated community services hours. Both the horses and the community service volunteers will benefit from this experience. Once the horses have recovered and deemed adoptable, HHH will attempt to find suitable adopters. Some horses may remain at the HHH farm to participate in the activities listed in Near-Future Plans (listed below). The interaction with horses may, through practical training and practical exercises, teach volunteers about equine topics (ie. hard sciences such as nutrition and math, and soft sciences such as social psychology and communication), vocational topics (ie. farrier activities), horsemanship, general horse care, equine training methods, and English equitation. Additionally, such human-horse interaction may improve people's positive relationships between family members, friends, colleagues, the self, and the community by fostering healthy working relationships, self-confidence, effective communication skills, self-reliance, problem-solving skills, increased knowledge, and mutual reliability for and of each other. *** H H H is NOT a hippotherapy program of any kind. H H H wants to provide an enjoyable, confidence-building respite from unpleasant past events in people's lives. *** NEAR-FUTURE PLANS 1) In the near future, HHH would like to: *Build a CAVALETTI COURSE and a TRAIL OBSTACLE COURSE in a fenced area for fun & enjoyment, for learning training methods, and for learning how to adapt to and work with horses who also have moods, emotions & fears (just like people have). *Provide EQUINE GAMES for both individuals competing against others and against themselves as well as group games (for which the humans will need horse skills to contribute and compete effectively). This takes practice, self-discipline and communication skills with the horse. EQUINE GAMES include the egg & spoon, dollar bareback, boot find and the keyhole. 2) In the near future if sustainable funding is available, HHH would like to provide the same opportunities for people who: *Are in family situations that thwart proper academic development, social development, self-development, self-confidence and/or self-esteem; and/or *Are children who are considered at-risk youth; and/or *Have been a victim of domestic or family violence or abandonment; and/or *Have experienced traumatic events or situations that have caused drastic short-term or long-term emotional distress; and/or *Are experiencing academic difficulties that will affect their immediate and long-term future due to family or domestic situation(s); and/or *Are a close family member caring for and/or living with a family member who has a mental illness and/or addiction; and/or *Are currently federal, state and/or county probationers and/or parolees for non-violent crimes and crimes not involving betrayal of trust. 3) HHH would also like to provide dog and small animal visits to schools, hospitals, retirement homes and hospice facilities. 4) HHH may form a horse club for competitive trail riding (for fun and enjoyment from the stresses of life), and perhaps open horse shows for the volunteers and the local community (for fun and social time; not an Olympic-qualifying competitive atmosphere).



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