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Happy Hats for Kids in Hospitals

Bring Smiles To Brave and Courageous Children Fighting Cancer

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It's a most delicious feeling to see a hospitalized child fighting cancer or another life-threatening illness, smile after recieving a Happy Hat gift package. The gift contains a whimsical hand-made Hero Hat, Hero Club Bilingual, educational story/activity book and crayons.  The book explains hospital procedures in a gentle and humurous manner to help lessen their fears and anxieties.

Our unique Holiday Happy Hat Program sparkling themed hats bring to each child, their siblings, family members and hospital staff. Unfortunately, these children cannot celebrate six holidays each year with their families in the warmth of their homes. I've been to hundreds of hospital events and I'm thrilled to see eyes light up when the children are having fun with their Happy Hats. It's an incredible experience!

These exceptional gifts are hand-made by hundreds of Happy Hatters including youth with special needs, corporate, employees, senior citizens, inmates in prisons, students and religious groups.

* Our invaluable Youth With Special Needs Program (autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, visual-hearing-speech impairments) addresses the lack of opportunities they have in our community by providing a safe, productive and nurturing environment to learn vital, transferable work skills to prepare them for successful future employment. 

* Corprations are invited to participate in a fun hands-on Happy Hat decorating workshop to create a great team building and morale boosting experience for their employees and serve children in their local hospitals.

* Our programs bring value and make the lives of senior citizens more meaningful.

* Our programs give a positive purpose to inmates in State and Federal prisons who sew and decorate thousands of Happy Hats each year. These task help build self-esteem while giving back to soceity and learning valuable work skills.

* Our programs offer an empowering experience through community service for students to serve children who are less fortunate than themselves.

*Our mission touches the hearts of religious groups participating in our Happy Hat decorating workshops, which are given to hospitalized children in their local communities or taken to a foreign country.

We need your support today to help us continue serving children in 77 hospitals. Our goal is to expand and serve children in 100 hospitals and pedicatric hospice within the 12 next months.  Thank you in advance for your generous support and compassion for those children in need...One Hat, One Book, One Smile at a time.