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K Terion Miller's Fundraiser:

HappyHeads Innovation in Education

K Terion's Photo
K Terion's Photo
K Terion Miller


Building educational options and services to empower and inspire the next generation by promoting and supporting child led educational platforms integrated and supported with local commerce. Creating cohesive community collaborations.
The Impact

I want to be part of revolutionizing education and community, by integrating them together creating more accountability in the community for care and nurturing, along with education of the next generation and inspiring community cohesion for the next generation by supporting child led education options and social interactions with their local environments.



What We Need & What You Get

Funds raised will go towards the: 

1. procurement of computer with graphic development/video capabilities/tools $1500

2. hiring/sourcing extra development/programming services to enable more secure functionality $500

3. Advertising for local community $500

4. Dedicated hosting services $500

5. Incentive prizes for beginning top performers in lieu of advertising partners being on board $1000

6. Operating costs - supplies, postage, phone line etc  $2000




Donor Comments

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