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CROWDRISE : Jun 22, 2011
Tax ID: 27-4250636
BASED: New York, NY, United States


Our Mission

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Our Mission

Harlem Grown's mission is to inspire our youth to live healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability and nutrition.

Our Communities

Harlem Grown serves at-risk youth living in communities with high poverty rates and high unemployment rates.Of the families we serve, over 85% are living at or below the poverty line. Almost 1 in 2 (  46%) of our youth are either overweight or obese and 80% live in single-parent households.Our communities are modern food deserts wherein fast-food restaurants are upwards of 4X as prevelant as the overall urban average, and access to affordable, healthy food is limited.

Our Model

In the schools

Harlem Grown places mentors in partner schools to implement sustainable practices such as recycling and composting and to nurture healthy choices among students. Our charismatic mentors create youth Green Teams to spread environmental awareness and teach students about caring for the environment as well as for themselves. Their regular presence fosters a bond that enables our mentors to teach students personal responsibilty and self-development, which leads to improved overall wellness and health in schools.

On the Farms

Harlem Grown transforms vacant spaces into productive urban farms, using innovative agricultural methods to grow a vatiety of crops. We sell our produce locally, distribute it to community members, and use it in educational activities that promote healthy eating and nutrition. Mentors use the farms as science classrooms and as venues to cultivate a connection to the environment and food among students. In addition, our farms act as green havens, providing the wider community with an opportunity to witness and engage in local food production.

Tax ID: 27-4250636 •

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