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Hassaan Anis

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Suman SAYS:
Guys, Thank you all for don…

Thank you all for donating. We have raised around $6000 in the past 3 days, and all of that has been sent to Nepal, and then some.

600 tents have reached the ground so far, providing shelter to 1800 families (roughly 6000 people). We have been targeting areas that are hard to access by road. The monsoon season in Nepal begins soon, and our goal is to make sure that everyone has a roof over their head (even if it is made of flimsy plastic).

This will be the last email I send to you. I have started a blog over at
Please visit it if you need updates on what is going on with our project. I had 30 minute sto make it, so please pardon my design choices. I will update it with receipts once I get a hold of them. I have some videos as well, which I will post. I will also try my best to post updates about our progress there everyday.

Thank you again! As always I can be reached for questions/comments at
3 years ago
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Suman SAYS:
Hi Guys, Thank you for dona…
Hi Guys,

Thank you for donating so far. Within 48 hours, we have managed to raise $5000. I have just raised the goal to $8000 now. We are still specifically focused on immediate shelter relief. I have been in touch with people on the ground. I have sent $3500 so far (through Western Union, who have kindly waived any transaction fees), and will send another $3000 either today or tomorrow. So, far 400 tents have reached the ground.

I hate unnecessary emails as much as anyone. So, after this update, I will start a website (or a blog) somewhere where I will start posting updates (along with receipts) so you can just look it up as opposed to being bothered by my emails. So, the info on the website might be the only next email you get from me. I have some videos and pictures from the donation camps, I will post them up along with the reciepts on the website well.

The situation in the ground much more dire than what has been reported in media sources, especially in places that are not accessible by vehicles. Most of our distribution has happened in such hard-to-reach places so far. Apparently, another organization has partnered up with us and they are sending food items (biscuits, beaten rice) along with the tents.

Sorry about the long report. I just want you to know where your (and my) money is going. I would appreciate it if you spread the word about this fundraiser to at least 2-3 close friends in your own circle who you think are more likely to support a grass-roots cause like this (if you haven't already). I can always be reached for questions/comments and advice at

Till soon,
3 years ago
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Hassaan Anis
Houston, TX United States
Stuff About Me:
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