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Annie Kraus' Fundraiser:

Street Pulse Newspaper Fund Rush 2013

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Annie Kraus


For all you people who are sick of walking by homeless people --

We are too. It should bother you. No one should be without a home, without essentials like shelter, nourishment, access to bathrooms and a safe place to sleep. For some, the street is the only place left to go. For others, it feels more like home than anything else. Whatever their story, Street Pulse gives the homeless members of the Madison community the opportunity lead a self-sufficient, healthy life if they so choose. Our newspaper provides an income and outlet for marginalized Madison residents. Official Street Pulse vendors register with our organization, sign a contract and are issued a badge sanctioned by the City of Madison. Vendors purchase each paper for $0.25, then sell it for a suggested donation of $1 or more, keeping any profit.

What you read in Street Pulse is written by both college students and vendors. We strive to create content that addresses important issues in our community and country—even global issues as well. We try to tackle these issues from a non-biased standpoint while still trying to offer an alternative perspective.

So yeah, it sucks passing 'em on the street.

But it's the passing by that sucks. We all avert our eyes or speedwalk around the things we don't wanna deal with. But for the most marginalized citizens in Madison, not dealing with it isn't an option. This is them- living life- every day (that's sort of how life always works I guess) being passed by. Take a second to consider that you are avoiding a person just like yourself. Problems don't go away because we pretend they aren't there, I mean we always say that, but c'mon. It makes some people uncomfortable, but lemmetellya the wet, cold ground isn't too comfortable either.

We keep our papers cheap, but producing the paper, printing it, making this thing work, well it costs more than we can handle without making our vendors pay the price (pun intended) at times.

2013 is almost over and we're gonna hope for a grand finale. There's like 40 days left of this year, so that's aprox 25 bucks a day. I think you probably have 25 friends, and if you don't here's a cool way to make some, because everyone knows asking for money on social media makes people want to be your friend.

That's just the way it works, obviously, so send this on out, tell your friends TELL EVERYONE. Give a dollar or two. We can do this. And if we don't reach our goal, we'll do this again. And again. Because homelessness doesn't just go away.



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Annie is working on selecting a charity so you can support Street Pulse Newspaper Fund Rush 2013.