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Have Lost Our Love?

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Have We Lost Our Love
On March 11, 2011 a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Tohoku, Japan. Minutes later a tsunami reaching 40.5m (133ft) in length, devastated the cities and towns of Tohoku. The combined efforts of the earthquake and tsunami destroyed and swept away buildings and homes, and killed 15,891 people, injured 6,152 and 2,584 people are still missing to this day. The flourishing towns of Tohoku had been reduced to a pile of trash. The cheerful children and happy families suffered, and lost a friend, family member or a home. Now it has been almost 4 years since the earthquake, but still the effects of the earthquake/tsunami still stays. I went to Rikuzentakata, a town that was heavily effected, and there I saw once a beautiful town flourished with people, now empty fields. Destroyed buildings still stands as a reminder of what has happened. And the children and adults will never forget what horror they had seen, as they watched their home wash away back into the ocean, or watch a friend or a neighbour cry out for help. Sometimes I wonder to myself, "what if I was one of them?" "what if I saw my parents or brother die, crying out for help?" "what if I watched a place where I grew up become reduced into a pile of rubble?" I cannot imagine a world without my parents and my brother. And there are people out there who suffer this everyday. All of this above urges me to help the people who need our support, and though it may be little, I still want to help. Have we lost our love for others? I know people do not give a crap about them, and it makes me sick. What if you saw your child dying in front of your eyes, and the person next to you says "you can't do anything about it? What would you do? Families who were lucky to survive the devastation have to work around the clock to support themselves. They leave their children in daycare homes because they need to work to feed themselves or to build a new home. To this day thousands still live in temporary homes, and both parents have to work every minute to rebuild their lives. I cannot imagine a place like that. What if you were in that situation? The people need our support, our love, they need to know that someone is out there that cares for them, so they will keep on going. If every person reading through this right now donates a single dollar, only 5000 people would have to donate to reach our goal. I was able to interview the children in Rikuzentakata and ask them "what they want the most right now." and they said they want someone to care, love, support them. They need someone to encourage them to keep on going. So if you want to, please make a short video message to the people of Tohoku and email it to me at I would like to create a short film with all the combined clips and give it to them as a present and reminder that people out there care for them. Thank you.



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