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Jenny Claire's Fundraiser:

Haven for Haiti

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Jenny Claire


My Goal is to build a yoga center in Blanchard, Haiti. A safe haven for children and families to practice - all year long, even during the rainy season. A space where the people of Haiti have an opportunity to learn how to teach yoga and to continue sharing it with the children every single day.

Earlier this summer I spend a short time in Haiti - I could have never imagined the impact it had on me and feel forever indebted to the people and children there. I went to Haiti with a broken heart after an extremely traumatic loss- I learned a long time ago that being will children helps heal my spirit but this time was different. I needed to be with children who understood. I will forever wish that not one of those children had to experience the traumas and losses that they did, that their sweet eyes did not have to view the horrors that sat before them. But I knew we could look at each other and understand that we had both been through something horrific -and it was that way. Sharing yoga with these children was the most amazing experience of my life.

Most of the children of Haiti are left unattended all day long. Their fathers have left and their mothers are doing what they can to provide for themselves and their children. Many children wake up and their mothers have already left, and even more put themselves to pet at night.

Many children are still without homes - way too many - and live on the streets or in tent cities. They are lucky to have one complete outfit, or even a single pair or underwear, not to mention a healthy meal or any toys to play with.

The lucky families who do have homes can not sleep in them when it rains, because the houses flood and if you lied down you would drown. I often wonder how mother's or children navigate these difficult situations with infants and toddlers to care for.

Even with these extreme struggles, with the sickness that ensues and their hungry bellies the children of Haiti are most often smiling, laughing, and finding a way to entertain each other with simple games that require no toys at all.

But they are never happier than when they come to yoga class... Yoga not only offers these children a way to have fun, it offers them a calm, soothing environment and the skills to create these feelings on their own.



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