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The Hawaii Lions Foundation is the 501(c)(3) non-profit arm of the Hawaii Lions Clubs of District 50. Our mission is to promote programs towards improving and expanding services to sight and hearing impaired persons and to provide basic humanitarian service projects throughout the State of Hawaii. Tax ID 99-6010563


The Hawaii Lions Clubs of Hawaii are over 1,800 members strong, providing thousands of volunteer hours to service and benefit the citizens throughout the State of Hawaii. Our 66 Lions Club support a variety of humanitarian service projects. Fueled by pure volunteer power, 100% of the charitable contributions raised by the Hawaii Lions Foundation and the Hawaii Lions Clubs goes directly back into the community. 

The Lions Clubs were distinguished by the infamous Helen Keller as the "Knights of the Blind" and the Hawaii Lions continue to live by that motto. The Hawaii Lions founded the Hawaii Lions Eye Bank and Makana Foundation, which promotes programs for the recovery of eye tissue for use in cornea and sclera transplants as well as promotes eye research, blindness prevention and vision/eye health education. The Hawaii Lions Eye Bank continues to provide local corneas for local people.

Since the late 1990's the Hawaii Lions Clubs have provided free vision and hearing screenings to school aged children. Research has shown that early detection of problems through vision screenings are the first steps towards preventing and treating eye diseases in early childhood. Last year, the Hawaii Lions Clubs screened approximately 9,000 kids in 106 schools. About 16% of those children did not pass our vision screenings. That's about 1,200 kids who may need further vision exams and a pair of corrective lenses. To provide a continuity of care, the Hawaii Lions want to ensure that every child in Hawaii, who needs eyeglasses, gets a pair of eyeglasses.

In 2014, the Hawaii Lions will be kicking off a campaign and making strides to provide follow up care to these children who need referrals, by providing a pair of eyeglasses, one examination at a time.