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Our goal is for Harnett County to be a model animal welfare community.  We know that long-term, sustainable applications are the solution and we work towards that every day.  We promote shelter pets as companions, encourage our shelter to be a community place, provide resources to residents so that they may keep their beloved pets, provide supplies such as vaccines and Kuranda beds to our shelter and provide funding and transportation for spay/neuter services. 

The majority of our funding goes toward our spay/neuter program as the overpopulation of pets is a real issue here.  Since our county will be participating in the NC Spay/Neuter reimbursement program, a large portion of your donations will be able to be used again and again and again and again...  The donation that keeps on giving!  It doesn't get much better than that.


We do this for our community, our neighbors and friends because we want what is best for the entire community --people and pets alike. And we keep it positive and productive because happiness and joy will motivate more people to action than sadness and guilt ever will.