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Helpers Of Our Farm's Fundraiser:

Hay for Rescue Animal Sanctuary

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October 26, 2016

Thank you for taking the time to read about our fundraiser, we hope you consider donating or sharing! It's getting colder and we need to get  See more



Greenlands Farm held a fundraising event on October 22nd for Helpers Of Our Farm (HOOF), a nonprofit organization centered around education and providing a sanctuary for rescued, donated, and in-need farm animals. It seemed to the farm that this event was not meant to happen as they were hit with some obstacles. Hurricane Matthew came through on the 8th of October, the event’s original day, forcing them to reschedule two weeks later to allow time to clean up the property and reschedule volunteers, attractions, and community organizations invited for a meet and greet. Despite the unavailability of many of the previously scheduled helpers and attractions, they went forward with the 22nd only to be road blocked (literally) by the Cape Fear Bridge traffic caused the Ironman Triathlon. Many visitors and volunteers were unable to get to the event, causing a noticeable difference in attendance and funds raised. Greenlands Farm had a smaller turnout for the Fall Community Day event than in years past, but the guests who did make were very generous, giving donations ON TOP of buying tickets for fundraiser activities! How wonderful the community is we serve! As many who visit the Educational Farm Animal Sanctuary learn from HOOF, animals are costly to care for and feed. The fundraiser event was able to raise a helpful amount of money to help HOOF catch up on feed and operations bills, but a few expenses remain for HOOF’s animals to make it through the winter months. One is a large ticket item, but can be conquered in small amounts if we can pull together for the special animals at HOOF! As winter approaches pasture grass will be dying off and the need to start supplementing with hay begins. Hay is a vital part to the health of grazing animals because it helps maintain their core body temperature by increasing their calorie intake so they can convert it to energy which equals warmth. HOOF buys 150 bales of hay every winter, at $8.00 a bale that’s a $1200 bill that has to be paid upfront. All we need is 150 people to donate $8.00 or 30 people to donate $40 for 5 bales of hay each! Please consider helping Helpers Of Our Farm, they are completely dependent on the support of their community to continue to care for their animals. These special rescue farm animals are available every Spring - Early Winter Season for educating the future of America on kindness, responsibility, animal husbandry, science, and more! If you aren’t able to donate, please share with friends and family who love animals as much as we do! Not sure still you want to commit a few bucks? The family that lives on and operates Greenlands Farm feeds all the animals of HOOF and dedicate their lives every single day to this cause. They are out there feeding twice a day on hot days, cold days, holidays, birthdays, and sick days. They believe the work that HOOF is doing is THAT important. Show them you feel the same!



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Helpers Of Our Farm is working on selecting a charity so you can support Hay for Rescue Animal Sanctuary.