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We recently found out that our 4 year-old son, Hayden, is autistic. He is believed to have Asperger's Syndrome. My wife has been tirelessly trying to get Hayden the help he needs and get us the answers that we are seeking. She has even put her own personal battle with Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes on the back burner while we deal with this. There is a lot of help available once Hayden gets his official diagnosis, but getting that diagnosis has been quite the challenge.
There is a waiting list that we are on and it is still about 6 months away for us to begin any testing with the health insurance provider we have. I realize this is not a life and death situation, but as a parent we want to know exactly what we are dealing with so we can seek the proper treatment for Hayden.
We found a wonderful place within an hour of home who offers the testing. We were even able to get bumped up to April to have the testing started. The test is broken up into 3-4 segments and the final visit includes the evaluation and give the answers we are in desperate need of.
The first test was to be today, April 9, 2012. We received a phone call on April 6 (our wedding anniversary) that the insurance company would not cover the cost because the center was not in our network.
You can imagine our heartbreak after getting so close and basically having what we needed in our hands and having it ripped right from us.
We have been involved with our local Walk for Autism Speaks and helped to raise a lot of money for the foundation. Now we are in need of assistance and have been unable to get it.
The total cost of the testing is approximately $2,500.00. I am not in a position to be able to afford this on my own being the only one in the house with an income. I am very blessed to love the job I have, but with two sons, a car payment, mortgage, etc., there is no "extra" money lying around for something like this.
Believe me, if I had the money I would gladly pay for the testing. I do my best to support as many charities as possible and hope that a few of you may find it in your heart to do your part to help out my son. Thank You.



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Robert is working on selecting a charity so you can support Hayden's Fund.