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Haywood Waterways Association Inc

The mission of the Haywood Waterways Association is to maintain and improve surface water quality in the Pigeon River Watershed of Haywood County, North Carolina. Tax ID 56-2108874


Our mission is accomplished through two objectives directed at reducing nonpoint source pollution:

1.      Educating and focusing attention on the watershed as a natural, economic and recreational resource to be conserved and enhanced for this and future generations; and

2.      Working with public agencies, conservation interests, businesses, community groups, and public and private land owners to implement water quality improvement strategies.

The Haywood Waterways Association recognizes the importance of partnerships between science, economy, government and the community to protect and improve the water quality in the Pigeon River Watershed. HWA is not a regulatory agency. Our focus is on wise use of our natural resources by serving as a non-governmental catalyst for beneficial change. HWA explores and develops effective strategies to improve surface water quality in the Pigeon Water Watershed.