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If I go there I will live (find me indiegogo)

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EVENT DATE: Sep 23, 2013

Hazelden Grant


If I don't go there I'm going to die. They doesn't take my insurance. They charge $30,430 to get it in. I got them to lower it to $21,300. My dad is kicking me out in 40 days. My family has no money or won't give me any money depending on who I ask. I have $1,400 saved and I'm not going to spend it until after 40 days. If I go homeless, I'm going to die, and I've accepted this. If you can help me raise enough money to go to Hazelden I will be so grateful, but if you can't I'm not going to take a dime of all the money donated, but I will go on to what I know will be my death, as one having shot a substance into my vain. I'm crying out. I've went to other treatments, tried medications, meetings, and they all made me feel like shit and I failed them. When you have open heart surgery so delicate (even if you are broke) they send you to Rochester Mayo, but if you're a poor addict no one but the best can fix, they just leave you to die. I'm going to die. My family would have it I go to someplace else that's going to make me feel bad about myself (who can't help me, but at least it might make them feel better) before I go off into the world again and just kill myself more slowly like my dad who smokes cigarettes.
-$9,130 (Hazelden discounted for me)
-$1,400 (My current cash)
$19,900 to raise in 40 days. (all or nothing)
If I get to Hazelden I willl send you a receipt, and a thank you letter. If I don't get into a Hazelden and I don't take any of the money I will send you a thank you letter.

Will you give me a dollar or two to try to maybe save my life?.

(Listen to me, I don't want to die. I'm selfish, I'm foolish, I'm stuck up, I'm a loser, but I will die if I don't get what I want. Because it's what I deserve.)



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Hazelden is working on selecting a charity so you can support If I go there I will live (find me indiegogo).