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Keri Cope's Fundraiser:

Help Hazel's Pitbull Bully Breed Rescue save more lives!

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Keri Cope


We are a volunteer run rescue group that fosters and saves Pitbull's and Bully breeds in high kill Indiana and Nation wide whenever possible!
We are in need of outdoor kennels and always in need of funds for vet care!
Currently we have 2 Pitbulls with Heartworm that are getting treatment that is costly! We also have a young female pitbull that looks to have been used for a "bait" dog in a dog fighting ring and she needs major care also!

We support Pitbull and Bully owners, educate the public about these breeds, and helps fight breed specific legislation.

My style of rescue is a little different than most. I rescue with my heart, and not with my pocket. I never wanted to start my own rescue—I did not want to deal with the bureaucracy that is usually associated with the industry. To this day, I do what I can for the dogs.

I am often asked why, of all the dog breeds, I chose to rescue Pit Bulls.

The answer is simple. Nobody steps up for Pit Bulls and Bully Breeds and mixes in our area…not even dog lovers. I chose a breed that I felt needed the most help.
Most people, including dog lovers, avoid Pit Bulls and Bully Breeds.. These dogs have such negative stigmas attached to them. I want to help open people’s eyes to the truth. The dogs deserve it.

The Pit Bull over population problem is out of control. I get several messages everyday of Pit Bulls and Bully Breeds in need of forever homes—from 8 week old puppies, to senior dogs, to those who were found abused or neglected.

For me, the challenge doesn’t lie in rescuing, rehabilitating, and vetting these dogs. The problem I face is where to place the dogs once they are well enough to go to their forever homes?



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