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Veronica Von's Fundraiser:

Homeward Bound Telethon

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EVENT DATE: Nov 10, 2013

Veronica Von



On Sunday, November 10th 2013 from 7-11 EST, Discovery Communications (The Military Channel) will broadcast the first “HOMEWARD BOUND"… four-hour national telethon supporting veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI from the historic American Legion #43 in Hollywood Los Angeles. 

Hosted by Alan Alda and Joe Mantegna, the telethon will feature performances and testimonials from co-host Connie Francis, Jason Gould, Kevin Spacey, Patti Austin, James Brolin, Jason Bateman, Ben Vereen, Michael Feinstein, Gloria Loring, Steve Tyrell, The American Military Spouses Choir, Medal of Honor Recipient Sgt.Ty Carter, Bette Midler, Henry Winkler, Mark Harmon and the cast of NCIS, Under the Streetlamp, Lou Diamond Phillips, The Temptations Review, and many veterans whose stories are both emotional and inspiring.

Viewers will be invited donate to HAVEN FROM THE STORM, the 501 (c) (3) registered public charity whose mission it is to improve the lives of returning military service men and women, including those affected by PTSD and TBI. Haven will distribute the funds raised during the telethon to qualified organizations providing direct services to veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI, to organizations who educate and raise awareness of these issues, and who engage in scientific and medical research in the field of PTSD AND TBI. 

Military service men and women transitioning from active duty to civilian life face many challenges. As volunteers for the armed forces, many serve multiple deployments, sustain serious, sometimes disfiguring injuries particular to modern methods of warfare, and often suffer physical and emotional traumas that require long-term rehabilitation. Post deployment, upon returning home, re-integration to community, employment and society can be tough.

Most soldiers do come home. Many make a smooth transition to civilian life, picking up where they left off with family, workplace and community. But some veterans struggle to readjust, due to the effects of post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. These diagnoses respond well to the specialized treatment required in order to heal. Evidenced-based care and effective treatment for PTS and TBI are available for veterans who need help. With increased awareness of these issues, and with ongoing scientific research, more veterans who suffer can receive treatment as they return to civilian life.




Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is an anxiety condition that follows the occurrence of a traumatic event, such as a natural disaster, combat, sexual assault, domestic violence, or any type of life-threatening event. PTSD was previously referred to as battle fatigue or shell shock. An incident that has a profound, stressful effect on an individual can trigger the disorder. 

It can occur at any age, affecting children as well as adult men and women. Very often, when a person is afflicted with PTSD, other conditions may also arise, such as Depression, alcohol addiction and substance abuse. Medical conditions may occur as well, due to the fact that the body is being subjected to a great deal of stress and anxiety.




Traumatic brain injuries can result in bruised brain tissue, bleeding inside the brain, large or small lacerations in the brain, and nerve damage due to shearing forces. The brain can also experience a number of secondary types of damage, like swelling, fever, seizures, or an imbalance of neurological chemicals. A traumatic brain injury may either be a penetrating injury or a closed head injury. Penetrating head injuries occur when an object, like shrapnel, enters the brain and causes damage in a specific area. Closed head injuries occur when there's a blow to the head, which can happen during a fall, car accident, sporting event, or any number of different ways.

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