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September 06, 2011

Hey everybody! I'm on the mission to create a one-of-a-kind Headache Relief Software.  See more


Paul Bar


PLEASE: Take 5 minutes to read this message in it's entirety, as YOU can help millions of suffering people and benefit yourself doing so, too!


Do you suffer from Headaches or know a friend, a colleague or a family member who does?

It is a known fact that around 76 percent of women and 57 percent of men have a headache at least once a month.
It also was reported that over 45 million in US alone (it's about one in six) suffer chronic headaches each year...

To put it short - the problem is gigantic!

How would you like to help the creation of a one-of-a-kind headache relief software with the potential to help millions of people throughout the world, yourself included?

Yes - because, if you donate today, you too will become owner of that unique software once it is released.

And, because this is going to be a computer application residing on your desktop,
it will be readily available any time you happen to have a headache - be it at home or at work.

Here's my story:
My name is Paul. My mission is to create a first-ever headache relief software that will be affordable for every household on the planet. And, I invite YOU to join me in this cause!

For me, it all started 14 months ago when, through mutual friends, i got to know Dr.Leo from Bior Altemedicum company( that was specializing in bioresonance and anti-aging technologies in European Union.

At that time, I was helping small businesses in US and Europe with Internet presence( and was spending almost all of my days in front of PC. Needless to say, it was a "right environment" for headaches to show up. Very soon, headaches became a part of my everyday life. Also, other health problems had surfaced to which I will get back in a minute...

So, here was that doctor saying he could have my headache gone with just one 15-minute therapy. I was immediately intrigued and said "let's give it a go!"

Little did I know back then that it was a beginning of the long, life-changing journey that lasts for me until today...

During this journey, I have forgotten about my headaches, have cured the health problems the traditional medicine couldn't help me about and have volunteered myself for spreading the word about that amazing healing technology that helped me restore my health.

We also ended up becoming good friends with Dr.Leo and his family who are all bright minds and great people to know and spend time with.

For the first time in my life, I had something I was so impressed with and so passionate about. That technology had changed my life and it was a natural progression for me to want to help change other peoples lives too...

But here was one problem - the technology I'm talking about isn't cheap and is rather complex. That meant not everyone could afford to buy it and master it. And, that was keeping me upset for months. I was realizing that, unless we came up with a bright idea, this technology would stay out of reach for everyday people.

In parallel, another situation was happening.
My friend Ciro from Canada was complaining about torturing headaches that wouldn't go away during winter periods. And, his local doctors were absolutely useless sending him from one procedure to another.

I said "Hey Ciro, come to Europe for 7 days - we have a bioresonance technology here that will cure you in no time as it did for me!" He said "No Paul, there's no way I can leave Canada for a week any time soon, looks like I'll have to just live with it".

That really got me going: "I have a friend suffering something that can be easily cured and I can't do anything about?!...."

Driven by emotions, I dial in my friend Dr.Leo and say: "Leo, I just got off the phone with my friend from Canada. He suffers chronic headaches that ruin his normal life and I'm getting mad at the thought I can't help him. Can we just sit down and see what we could do to deliver the healing possibilities of bioresonance to Canada or to anywhere in the world?"

This is how we ended up in Dr.Leo's lab brainstorming on the ideas and possible solutions based on his over 10 years of experience with bioresonance treatment and my experience with creation of digital products. And, this is when the idea of the ""Headache Relief Software" was born.

So, for the last months, I've been at work getting help from Dr.Leo preparing the bioresonance part of the headache release process, creating test files and doing some tests with trusted friends of ours to ensure the confidentiality of the project.

Now, it's time to turn it into the "Headache Relief Software" that will deliver this unique solution to EVERYONE who needs it!

For that I need YOUR SUPPORT in raising the funds to be able to hire a great coder.

Think of the tremendous DIFFERENCE you can create in lives of the millions of people with chronic headaches whom you can HELP.
AND, if you donate today, you will become owner of that unique software once it is released!

Please support and spread the word!.




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