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Charged with purity of heart, clear intention and willingness to serve, Parvati (Canadian singer-songwriter, producer and energy healer-yogi) takes the courageous journey to the most northern Canadian soil.
She travels to a small, desolate island in the Arctic Ocean known as Ward Hunt Island, just kilometers from the Magnetic North Pole and 200 kms from 90 degrees North.

As companies and governments rush to exploit emerging Arctic resources, Parvati, sensing the increase in the Earth’s agitation, goes to the Arctic with a very different intention. Parvati offers a performance-art piece that helps raise awareness globally of the ecological impact of the melting polar ice caps. She will be the first singer to ever perform at the Magnetic North Pole. In addition to this, many know Parvati as a gifted healer. She will chant prayers and do energy healing on a global scale with her guides called The Team.

Through this, Parvati plays a part to ease the immense stress on our planet and helps raise awareness about the vast impact of the melting polar ice caps -- consequences such as the increase in global natural disasters that are devastating homes, nations and lives.

Parvati will travel to the communities of Iqaluit and Resolute alongside environmental activist Satish Sikha in his Arctic Ocean presentation of the world’s longest eco-message on one kilometer of silk. She will then continue to the Magnetic North Pole. Parvati is supported by her husband, Rishi, and friend, Sunanda Jordon, who accompany her on this journey of a lifetime.

We are raising $108,000 that goes specifically towards travel, food and lodging for Rishi and Parvati as well as ongoing international awareness to awaken I AM consciousness.
We will be leaving September 12, 2010 to do healing work in key locations along the route. We will return by the end of September 2010.



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