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The Need

Every year between 150,000 - 200,000 special education students are aging out of local school districts all across the United States with few options for employment or contribution.  The general consensus is that individuals with disabilities are unable to contribute.  We don't believe that.

Healing Farms helps young adults with disabilities find their place and purpose by focusing on their gifts and talents and creating opportunities for them to participate and give back.

How We Deliver Exceptional Results

Rather than going to a "place" and performing a "task" our participants join a small group made up of 4-6 young adults with disabilities, a facilitator, and 1-2 volunteers who share similar interests.  Together they go out and experience community all while working on independent living and life skills.

We strive to stretch and grow our young adults to greater independence and through our five core domains the opportunities for learning our endless:

Urban Farm - gardening, composting, and recycling.
Technology - research, planning, and functional academic skills.
Life Skills - cooking, nutrition, and independent living.
Arts/Movement - music, art, and exercise.
Community - volunteering, job exploration, and outreach.

We get results beyond typical expectations because we don't see our participants as broke or needing to be fixed.  Rather we see the ABILITY, not disability and work hard to teach our community to do the same.

We believe the family is an integral part of sustainability. We build relationships between families so that there is a village of support and accountability – addressing the fear of who will love and care for my child when I am gone.

We create social enterprise based on the gifts, talents, and passions of our participants.  This not only provides job skills but also helps us underwrite the cost of the supports we provide.