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Healing Paws Animal Therapy, Inc.

Healing Paws Animal Therapy, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Jun 27, 2017
Tax ID: 81-4846257
BASED: Palm Harbor, FL, United States


Animal Therapy

Educate, train and promote the benefits of animal therapy.



Your donation will provide our daily visits to the hospitals, schools and nursing homes, reading materials for children & teachers, training of additional volunteers & their animals, supplies for the dogs, insurance, medications and so much more that is greatly needed our therapy program.


Our objective is to make a difference in the lives of the people in our communities using animal therapy.


We serve residents in assisted-living facilities, nursing homes, libraries, and schools as well as work with adolescents that have behavioral challenges, individuals with disabilities, veterans with PTSD, and children struggling to read. Helping to enhance the growth and development of children, by having them read to a therapy dog. Reading aloud to a therapy dog often increases the child’s level and quality of verbal interaction with people.


  • Contact with animals enhances human well-being and the quality of life.
  • Contact with animals is beneficial when incorporated into health care, social services, psychology, education and other related fields
  • There are no limits to the benefits of animal therapy
  • Patients, no matter what their condition, age or setting can benefit from animal therapy.
  • A visit from a volunteer with an animal lifts a patient’s or child’s spirits and brings them happiness.


Healing Paws Animal Therapy (HPAT) is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization based out of Tampa, Florida. HPAT consists of volunteers that provide numerous programs to the community — programs that are 100% FREE.










Tax ID: 81-4846257 •


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