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In our daily lives, there are many competing issues that demand our time and thoughts. Various issues have different weights depending on what part of life we happen to be in. For most people, everything is more or less fine and dandy from the age of about 16 until we are perhaps 50 or 55. For a significant part of the population, problems arise that needed the attention of healthcare and social services. Below the age of 16 and beyond the age of 50 to 55, the need for such attention is all the more acute and necessary. One would think, that such a huge segment of the use of our given resources would be the subject of serious thought and rational planning, implementation and evaluation. Nowhere on the planet is this done optimally, that is making the best use of the given resources. The background for why this is so is extremely complex, but not altogether important or interesting. The interesting point is, is there a way to do this, that is, to plan, implement and evaluate healthcare and social services rationally and optimally? Until recently, no clear-cut guidelines have provided a practical and compelling roadmap that could make this doable on the large scale. These guidelines exist in the book Managed Care in a Public Setting which is the background for the establishment of the socio-health organization and its Danish counterpart socio-sundhedsforeningen Both organizations are gearing up to accepting membership. More information will be forthcoming as this develops. Tele: +45 2216 1923 FAX: +45 8724 4026 Email: Address: Tyttebærvej 26, Sejs, Silkeborg,Denmark, 8600



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rick is working on selecting a charity so you can support health and fitness books .