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Healthcare Access for Texas seeks to expose the harmful market protection schemes of the Texas Medical Association (TMA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) – keeping healthcare costs high while reducing access to safe, effective, healthcare services Texans deserve.

It is our contention that the TMA, AMA and other medical associations / societies have pursued a legacy of systematic predatory, market protection practices against licensed and unlicensed healthcare providers. Healthcare Access for Texas seeks to expose these practices that harm Texans.

TMA has vigorously opposed any expansion of scope for any provider group resulting in large holes in the Texas healthcare delivery system. TMA’s opposition is advanced through a relentless and largely unsubstantiated barrage of claims citing “patient safety.” It is our view they are creating and protecting a monopoly.

TMA has blamed insurance, trial lawyers and other groups / dynamics for the rising costs of healthcare. The Texas legislature has accommodated TMA by limiting patients right to sue, while TMA aggressively files lawsuit after lawsuit to shrink other healthcare providers’ lawful scopes of practice.

TMA has taken on big insurance at the Texas legislature and prevailed. TMA have taken on every provider group imaginable in the courts or in the legislature, nurses, podiatrists, chiropractors. naturopaths and even marriage and family therapists.

TMA uses political influence and prodigious legal war chests to ensure that allopathic medicine is the controlling gatekeeper of all healthcare delivery.For the record – we deeply appreciate and respect the advances in medical science. Many of us love our individual medical doctors. Many of our beloved physicians, however, have no idea of the tactics TMA practices in their name and on their behalf.

It’s time to take a hard look at TMA and its impact on the healthcare delivery system. It’s time for policymakers to end TMA dominance and its rigor grip on healthcare in Texas.



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