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Providing health care access to all Tax ID 91-0884412


Just what the doctor ordered for affordable health care in King County.

Like housing, education and economic opportunity, health care is part of the basic foundation of strong, vital communities. Here in King County, tens of thousands of our neighbors lack the basic resources to get healthy and stay healthy—because of unemployment, lack of insurance, cultural barriers or the simple misfortune of being born into the wrong tax bracket or zip code. The effects affect us all.

As policymakers wrestle with solutions for fixing our nation’s broken health care system, there’s a model that works right here in our own backyard:  HealthPoint. Thousands of residents in some of King County’s neediest communities find a health care home at our nine locations. The care they get is compassionate, high-quality and cost-effective.

It’s good medicine—for our patients and for our communities.