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Healthsource Foundation

The HealthSource Foundation was established in 2013 to provide our staff with additional resources to care for the patients they serve. Funds raised by the Foundation provide programs that allow HSO to reach far beyond the four walls of our health centers to address the underlying causes of health disparities and drastically improve the health and well-being of our patients and communities. These funds allow HSO to provide personalized patient care assistance, access to fresh food and nutrition education, early childhood literacy assistance, capital improvements and other programs that address our patients' barriers to health care.



Every day, individuals are forced to make impossible choices between food, transportation, rent and medicine Transportation, housing, education, isolation, access to nutritious food and other factors (social determinants) have dramatic and interconnected effects on health. A senior without reliable transportation will struggle to visit the supermarket and keep doctor's appointments; those living in dilapidated or moldy housing have increased incidence of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases; and a lack of education left many working low-wage, physically-demanding jobs with high injury rates and little in retirement savings.

Real health improvements require us to see the whole problem, not just the symptoms. While there is still much work to be done, innovative collaborations between healthcare providers, community organizations, governments, insurers, educational institutions and individual citizens are sprouting up in communities across the country to identify and address the complex and interconnected host of social determinants that are at the root of poor health. The HealthSource Foundation provides HealthSource of Ohio with the resources to address these issues head on.