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HealthWorks! Kids' Museum St. Louis

To educate and inspire children and the community to make positive oral and overall health choices to achieve optimum health. Tax ID 75-3018876


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25% of children aged 2-8 have been diagnosed with a chronic disease such as asthma, obesity or diabetes. These chronic diseases, and many others, adversely effect the daily life of too many children. 

At HealthWorks! Kids' Museum St. Louis, we are working to change that.

HealthWorks! realizes the most effective way to help a child avoid health issues now, and in the future, is through preventative education. 

Our health education efforts ensure that children have the necessary knowledge and skills to grow up healthy, strong and ready to change the world.

A visit to HealthWorks! Kids' Museum St. Louis gives our Health Educators the opportunity to educate and inspire children to make healthy choices. While here, they learn how to take care of their bodies and to make simple behavior changes today, that will allow them to live their healthiest lives possible.


Every $5 donated goes directly towards 1 child's field trip experience where they will laugh, have fun, hear something gross, do something silly, learn something new and more importantly, find the tools to take charge of their own health.

Let the epidemic begin!