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HealthWrights is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to advancing the health, basic rights, social equality, and self-determination of disadvantaged persons and groups. We believe that health for all people is only possible in a global society where the guiding principles are sharing, mutual assistance, and respect for cultural and individual differences.

http://www.healthwrights.org Tax ID 77-0390502


HealthWrights focuses on these activities:

Development and distribution of educational materials on health and human rights, presented clearly and simply so that people at all educational levels can understand them.  These comprise all five of David Werner's books (including Where There is No Doctor, a number of articles, plus some videos and slide shows

Community Health and Community Based Rehabilitation: mainly in the 3rd World in the South (mainly Mexico), but increasingly in disadvantaged communities in the North.

Disability issues, rights and technologies, with leadership taken by disabled persons and their families.

Child-to-Child -- helping children discover ways to help protect the health and well-being of their younger brothers and sisters, and other children. Child-to-Child is one of serveral projects we support.

Critical analysis of the politics of poor health, and awareness raising to mobilize a broad-based grassroots movement to work toward fairer and healthier social structures.  To this end we maintain a separate website politicsofhealth.org

Networking among progressive health, disability, human rights, environmental, and other groups, to work for social change and stronger participation of under-represented groups.  Our semi-annual newsletter is one of our broadest networking tools.