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Healthy Food for Hungry Children - Phase II Sustaining Donations



This fundraiser is Phase II Global ResQ's project to produce truly healthy food to donate to national and regional food banks for hungry children.

To perform this mission, Global ResQ is acquiring several ranches, we call True Nature Ranches, that we will operate as organic, chemical-free, carbon sequestering, soil rejuvenating, and air cleansing pastures for contented livestock.

We need your commitment to help sustain the operations of the True Nature Ranches. All funds will go to the Healthy Food for Hungry Children project. Once the ranches are operational, you will be able to donate each year. You will also be invited to visit the ranches and even join in the work if you wish. On these ranches, we will raise a new cross-breed of tender grass-fed beef. These cattle will be smaller than most. They will finish easily and marble well on grass, and will be quite gentle as well.

In order to sustain our operations, we will need to sell half of the meat from these cattle at retail prices. The balance, the other half of each year's production, will be processed and distributed to regional food banks.

Here is what we need today: your tentative commitment to support the Healthy Food for Hungry Children's mission. If you can support the mission for 1 year, please donate $10. For 5 years, please donate $50. And if you can commit to 10 years of support, please donate $100. If you wish to be added to our bulk sales program that indirectly supports the Healthy Food mission, please add 99 cents to the above suggested donations. We will put you on our list of potential purchasers for our private bulk sale program. Obviously, all amounts you eventually spend purchasing our grass-fed beef will be private expenses rather than tax deductible donations.

The amounts you donate here in Phase II will, however, be tax-deductible and will be used to further the charitable Healthy Food for Hungry Children purposes of Global ResQ.

Of course, we will accept any donation and provide you with a receipt of your tax-deductible donation.

Interesting note about our new Facebook Cover:  The "cow crowd" shown in the picture on the logo is what makes the magic of True Nature Ranches work.  It is also why the United Nations and many others are wrong about cattle.  The crowd is happily grazing the top third of the available grass in the smallish paddock (maybe 1 or 2 acres).  Once or twice a day the crowd is moved to a new pasture to start again.  This method of grazing management replicates the effects of the large buffalo herds on the prairie.  The soil is evenly fertilized by the cattle.  The ground is pounded by the hoofs stimulating new and vibrant pasture growth.  Most of the plant matter is trampled into the ground greatly enhancing the organic content of the soil and sequestering tons of carbon.   Best of all, the soil is rejuvenated with important nutrients, microbes, worms and other needed insects.  Importantly, the crowd does not return to this same small paddock for 3 months, 6 months or even a year.  This rest period allows the pasture to fully recover and accelerate its growth rate and the spread of diverse grasses and tasty forbs.  After a cycle or two, this kind of organic pasture is productive and very healthy.  And the soil is now ready for organic crop production with all of the essential nutrients returned to nourish the new crops.



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