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Let's raise awareness of health issues and their impact on learning. Let's prevent academic difficulties with early diagnosis, treatment and advocacy. Tax ID 46-2849788


When kids put effort into school, they should have the chance to learn and succeed. But for kids with chronic illness, it often doesn’t matter how hard they try. Absences, fatigue, stress and distraction lead to poor performance and disappointment. Kids shouldn’t have to struggle to learn in school, especially when simple treatments can turn them into Healthy Scholars.

Healthy Scholars is committed to helping students achieve the good physical health that can serve as the foundation for academic success. 
One of the exciting things about working with Healthy Scholars is that we often find that when students are diagnosed and treated, academic difficulties clear up on their own as a natural consequence. 
We're involved in a number of related projects now clustered in three areas: raising awareness of physical disorders that affect learning, developing better diagnostic tools, and pairing diagnosed students with support and treatment resources.  
Right now, we're gearing up for a project in India at the end of December. We're working with the Madala Charitable Trust to design and implement an intervention in Nazamabad, India. We'll be doing a medical screening of 2000 school age children, assessing the current knowledge of parents, teachers and doctors in the area, doing an inventory of school policies regarding student illness, interviewing students, and arranging for workshops and distribution of materials. 
Join us by sharing your own school story, starting a fundraising project, or donating today!