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Education = Empowerment = A Better Life

It's quite simple, really.  We believe that a person's life gets better when they know how to take charge of it.  At Healthy You, Inc., we offer programs to help people do just that.  We also connect people with other programs that offer things we do not.  For us, the ultimate end user for all we do is children.  Everything we do, every day, is to create a safer, healthier , happier environments for children that create an opportunity for a successful life.  We readily acknowledge we cannot do everything by ourselves, but when we combine with our partners we can accomplish anything.  

Overview of programs:

Just The Facts:  Our flagship relationship education program dedicated to strengthing families to ensure children better futures.

UpTeen:  Our groundbreaking peer mentoring and leadership program designed to empower teens to be the solution to their own problems.

Asthma Safari:  Our hysterical puppet show adventure that destigmatizes asthma while educating kids and adults about asthma identification and management.

Fundraising Campaigns