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November 26, 2016

Today's im start my dream to help mom and their children that reside on skid row. Feels great!! See More


Thank you so much for taking the time out to read Heart to Hearts Mission and purpose. I am Tammy Ford, the Visionary. I'm a mom of three and a wife of 18 years, residing and the Heart of Los Angeles California. Before I go in to Heart Heart's purpose, please allow me to go over a brief history on why my vision is necessary and where it originated from. Years ago, 2010 to be exact, my  husband and I found ourselves in an unstable place. Our finances were little to none do to my husband losing his job. After living on our savings in a few months it was depleted. After bills and rent pilled up, eventually we found ourselves homeless. Our children stayed with family and we were introduced to call Los Angeles Mission Through a friend. It is located in Los Angeles California Downtown LA, Skid Row. If you're unfamiliar with Skid Row, in short, it is a place where most homelessness/ transient /violence/ filth/ mental illness /drug dealers /and drugs users dwell on a daily. We stayed there for two years it was  heaven in the middle of hell. While there I volunteered my Saturdays to cook a hot breakfast for mothers and their children for a program called Mommy and Me. There moms and their children would eat a hot breakfast and moms shop for clothes while their children were supervised by our staff. While volunteering there I was able to speak with these ladies and hear the stories of what landed them here on skid row at neighbors shelters with their children. Literally, every week I vower  to myself when I left and became stable I will return to Los Angeles Mission and give my contribution to help these mothers and their children in some way. Now its 2016, and I return to volunteer at the Los Angeles Mission for their annual Thanksgiving feast where you feed all who lived on Skid Row and the feast was accompanied by a block party that lasted til evening . As it grew near nightfall  and I all the festivities started to shut down, the sight of tents began to rise. As Walking to my car and passing these tests I could hear children living inside, with heat from an outside barbeque! Brought tears to my eyes. It was cold and imagining these babies inside these plastic tents broke my heart, even if they were covered with comforters and blankets it is really cold outside...no place for a child. Not to mention the danger -the filth -and drugs all around. After going home it quickly came to me!! My contribute to help these mothers and children would be.... -HEART 2 HEART My mission & purpose: Starting off small I would like to create a safe environment for mothers to bring their children daily. After school via the bus,bring the families to our village made of trailers / containers. Here it will be a clean/safe/ warm place to do homework, shower, and wash clothes, and rest. And children can have a proper / safe place to play. And then, return these families back to their designated shelters. In the near future, I would love to create a village of Pods for single families to take these women and children off of the skid row streets never to return again.   Educate 2 Eliminate :  With proper equipment mothers will able to learn my business and learn how to become stable and take care of themselves and their children. I have my own online business and plan to teach all that are willing to learn, how to succeed online. Most of them are stay-at-home mothers so this would be a perfect way for them to never be put back in the skid row streets , or unable to take care of themselves or the children. Business plan/ equipment needed Realistically I I can't create this Village in a couple of months it will take time and finances so to get started I will simply rent or buy a large trailer and start there. I will also need transportation that I can also rent or buy with help. I would need to furnish the trailer make it safe purchase a playground and food household to Appliance all necessary daily things. And with these few things heart-to-heart can begin.


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