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Heart horse

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 At what point are you with your organization? What will you do with the money?We are a voluntary association that spess is to raise funds for the disabled, we are not afraid to say clearly how things are. We simply merged the Equitable Foundation and the offices of the Lombardy region to create an invaluable value project without having to ask too much money for the community.

What have we done so far?We got:

- a land outside the city of about 300 hectares, clean, uncontaminated and exen taxes.

They gave us:

- a shed for tools, two stables and a small hut to accommodate the families of disabled people.

Why do we need 5000 euros?

We could buy special saddles and bridles to allow all disabled people, even those with limb problems, to ride without having to pay for any service. We will guarantee the purchase of all medical equipment that every riding facility has to provide for safety, for people with heart problems, and respiratory problems (these things, the most important things we did not manage to donate because they are too expensive; 

Money for people who need it, not for gain 

Thanks to the Equitable Foundation which has made it possible to provide safe and equipped places for disabled people. We have decided to work together to create a new environment where disabled people and loved ones can spend time without having to pay. The project will be supported partly by the Lombardy Region (Italy) by providing a common ground where people can interact with horses and spend unforgettable days. The money collected is used to buy equipment and make the ground accessible by horses. The money is not to pay horses or riding, this is entirely offered by the Equitable Foundation, as well as the ground where it will be possible to take place Which thanks to the Lombardy region will be totally tax-free. We guarantee that the money collected will not be allocated to volunteers. 

Where did our idea come from?Studying the nature of disability issues, we understand that animals are the best way to psychologically treat a person with psychic and disability problems. This project involves two volunteer doctors provided by the ASL of the Lombardy region and two horses trained from the most important horse races in Italy. We are only interested in allowing people with disabilities to enjoy a totally free pet therapy that is supported by the Italian medical foundation 

 What experiences do we have? The HAPPY BAR  On July 25, 2017, we gave people with Down syndrome the chance to redeem themselves in the world of work. Creating a limitless tourist attraction for them. Thanks to the municipality of Formia we opened the HAPPY BAR created and managed by disabled people, who work and create magnificent cocktails. Giving these people the opportunity to integrate and work independently, we have also made them free to be what they want. For ours and their commitment we also received the first page of a national newspaper in italy. On that occasion thanks to the municipality of Formia we got more than 40,000 euros that were served to buy the products from the suppliers. Even on this occasion the bar was given to us by the city hall. The whole property is now tax-exempt 

What does EQUITABILE® mean?First of all, it should be noted that the ® symbol indicates that it is a Registered Trademark, whose teaching material is copyrighted. The EQUITABILE® brand can only be used by those who have obtained the written permission from the Trademark Holder and comply with the annual registration of their technical patent or authorized center. EQUITABILE® is a movement aimed at the social inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion (first and foremost disability) through interaction with horse and sport recreation through an alternative form of learning based on learning and experimenting . UNESCO has repeatedly emphasized in its documents "the need to associate sporting activities with education programs, insofar as this activity forms part of the integral education of the citizen, its physical development and the development of social habits" . Taking the best on the front of the international training without having the presumption of wanting to compete or substitute for the different and very important Sector Schools, EQUITABILE® wants to keep its feet firm on the areas of intervention aimed at education and leisure as it believes That horse riding, riding and contact with nature as a whole are the synthesis of these macro objectives. In addition, EQUITABILE®, generally and deliberately addressing "normal" people, that is, without specific titles in the field of rehabilitation or education, but certainly experienced in the world of riding, can not and does not want to believe that with his Offer can be rehabilitated: this for respect for the people and their relatives - weakly approaching our service.   

Thanks to the volunteers of the Equitable Foundation !!!! 



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