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Heart N Hands

Heart Health & Heart Disease Prevention, Taking your heart health in your own hands Tax ID 47-1863855


Heart N Hands, Inc. Mission is to educate and raise awareness of heart health and heart disease prevention in young girls ages 10-18 in our community. Help us fight the No. 1 Killer of Women in the United States - Heart Disease! 

HNH is the only nonprofit that focuses on educating and raising awareness for young girls in our communities. 

Help us reach our goal of raising $5,000 to further our mission. 

$5 Provides 1 girl with heart health saving information & resources

$10 Provides 2 girls with heart health educational sessions and material

$25 Provides a class of 5 girls with heart health education and material

$50 Allows us to develop and provide heart health educational materials and screening to improve overall heart health

$75 Helps us increase our reach by 10,000 through social media outlets 


Join our HNH Campaign today by becoming a fundraiser - Raise over:

$100 Receive a HNH SWAG: T-Shirt

$250 Receive a HNH SWAG: T-Shirt & Drawstring Backpack

$500 Receive a HNH SWAG: T-Shirt & Drawstring Backpack, Sponsor 5 Girls to participate in the Girls Ambassador Program