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Hear the Hungry is a movement that redefines hunger through media and social action.

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Hunger could mean anything from physical hunger for food, to hunger for peace, love, freedom, etc. By collecting audio and video testimonies, Hear the Hungry aims to put a human face on the issue of hunger and end hunger with Compassion. Empowerment. Awareness.

Join our movement to help spread awareness of the issues people are facing on a daily basis. 

Share a story you're passionate about today by setting up your own fundraiser through our Everyone Has A Story event or simply browse through our fundraisers and be moved by all the stories you encounter!

100% of the money we raise on CrowdRise will go to the individuals profiled in these stories. Hear the Hungry provides a detailed financial report at the end of each year so you know exactly where your money went.

Feel free to contact us at info@hearthehungry.org with any questions or concerns.