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Hearts’ Cry is a volunteer-run, 501(c)(3) organization based in Ithaca, NY, with the mission of empowering the people of Mattampally, India. Since 1999, Hearts’ Cry has provided schooling and advanced educational opportunities, vocational training, and elder care to Mattampally residents in addition to building an oasis of a community center. The goal of these efforts is to help families and individuals break away from the low-caste oppression that is their daily reality and become self-sufficient.

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In 2006, Heart’s Cry established an economic cooperative, the Women’s Microenterprise Program, in Mattampally.  This program has fostered independence among the mothers, sisters, and wives of the city by providing the funds women need to start their own small businesses.  The profits from these businesses allow them to improve the quality of their families’ lives by building homes and shops, paying medical expenses, improving their living conditions, purchasing nutritious food, and sending their children to school. 

One hundred percent of the loans have been repaid.


The cooperative currently has 200 members who meet monthly to receive or repay loans and aid each other in business development and strategy.  These monthly meetings provide the financial and community support needed for the creation and expansion of businesses. The low-interest loans provide an alternative to the high interest ones that have led to the indentured servitude or suicide of desperate borrowers in the area.


The women of Mattampally provide our world with an example for other communities to follow.  Empowering women is a proven tool in the fight to eradicate global poverty, gender inequality, and the injustices that continue to oppress humanity. These hardworking, motivated women now wish to augment existing businesses and add more women to the program.  Hearts’ Cry requests your help in raising $22,200, which will double the program’s impact.  Your donation in any amount will be greatly appreciated by the women and families of Mattampally.